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. we will say what happened next. >> and it's another big win for romney, but it didn't come without controversy. we'll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> coverage continues with gigi barnett and meteorologist tim williams. it's wjz, maryland's new station. >> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. it's 8:31. >> 41 degrees in central maryland looking at a pretty cloudy start today. a cooler day than yesterday. got to 60 degrees yesterday. we do of showers lingering along the eastern shore and up and down the eastern seaboard. some of the heavier rain down toward raleigh and the carolina south of no folk. we won't see any of that. showers throughout the day and the rest of us are mostly cloudy. it will be the chance for snow showers for parts of the area south of the beltway. temperatures today go up to 52 degrees. cooler today than yesterday. breezy and cloudy through the afternoon. partly cloudy tonight, 28 degrees. we will have the complete updated first 24 cast coming up. >> thank you, tim, but here is what people will talk about today. that romney scores a big win in washington state
investigation. >>> conning you will caucus -- counting up caucus victories. mitt romney has taken wyoming. the wins come just ahead of alabama and mississippi where newt gingrich is looking to gain momentum there. kansas voters favored santorum in a state where gingrich didn't go at all. ron paul continues to focus on caucus states. >> men's basketball team is gearing up for their first trip to the big dance in almost decades. tonight they're hosting a viewing party when the brackets for the tournament is announced. to find out who they will face in the big dance, you can watch the selection show tonight live on wjz 13. the show starts at 6 p.m. >> they could be our cinderella team. >> everybody's got a shot. no pun intended. >> good wasn't they're definitely there, so we'll see. they always have the cameras, i can't imagine how many cameras cbs commits to this. >> how do they wait? >> they wait like that, yeah. you know, they're pretty humble. but it's totally exciting. we'll see who goes from our area. we're talking about a nice day today. yesterday got into the 50s in some parts of the
for the public and presidential nomination is coming to maryland. mitt romney will be here for a series of events on wednesday. he'll attend a private lunch at the naval academy and make his way to a town hall and rally in frederick. maryland has 37 delegates up for grabs in april's primary. >>> the longest-serving female in congress. we judging has more on the achievements. >> reporter: senator barbara mikulski is a trailblazer. they are not only celebrating her achievements, they are thanking her. >> reporter: for more than 35 years, u.s. senator barbara mikulski has represented maryland on capitol hill, and on saturday she reached a milestone. she's now the longest-serving woman in the history of congress. >> when she went to the senate in 1986, there was only one other woman, a republican. now there are 17 female senators who have forged a bond of crossed arty lines. >> when the day is over, you have to keep that and put our lipstick on and have a glass of wine and keep the institution and america going. >> so it's fitting one of her passions is the battle for women's health. she requires fed
the only true conservative in the race. santorum is still far behind mitt romney who has more delegates than all three of his components combine. >>> a west ultima building goes up in flames. poker players shot out of the building along baker's street this morning. firefighters say the blaze turned parts of the second and third floors before they were able to snuff it out. the building is vacant and no one was hurt. it's still not yet clear how it all started. >>> questions and heartache from family members of teens trapped in a deadly car wreck. police say for teens were driving a stolen car when the driver lost control and crashed area that vehicle then burst into flames. officers were able to save two of them but 15-year-old emmanuel nelson and 16-year-old irene nelson died. family members say they are still trying to make sense of it all. >> it wasn't even worth it. you know, to die young like this. >> if they would have never gotten in a car. they'd be here with us today. >> the teen driving the car is being treated for life- threatening injuries. doctors say the fourth team should
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4